Commercial HVAC Services

We Offer The Following Services:


HVAC Systems Replacement.

Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning System Replacement up to 500 tons.

  • Air Cooled Chillers up to 500 Tons.                     
  • Water Cooled Chillers up to 500 Tons.
  • Rooftop Units up to 200 Tons.
  • Split System Air Conditioning Units up to 200 Tons.
  • Water Source HP Units up to 50 Tons.
  • Built Up Systems up to 500 tons.
  • Variable Refrigerant Systems. (VRF)
  • Computer Room Systems.
  • Building Automation and Controls.
  • Air Distribution Duct Installation and Air Balance.

Commercial HVAC Services.

  • Maintenance & Services of all Building Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Hot Water Boiler, Cooling Towers & Water Pumps Services.
  • Air Filter Replacement and Scheduled Maintenance.
  • VAV Service and Air Balancing.
  • Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Building Management Control Systems, Digital and Pneumatic.

Air Conditioning Unit

  • ACR Energy Systems Offers 24 Hour 7 Day Emergency Repair Services.

AC Installation for Commercial Renovations and New Construction.


Air Duct Installation and Repair

( Air Duct Repair, Air Duct Cleaning, Air Duct Sealing and Inspection)
Ducts are sources of airflow, which deliver and remove air, and help keep people comfortable in their commercial buildings or business offices. If the ducts are not properly installed or maintained, they will likely become dirty and eventually need to be serviced or replaced. It is difficult to see if mold/dust exists or if there has been an infestation of pests, which is why ACR Energy Systems, Inc. offers duct inspections. If you are remodeling your commercial structure or business offices and concerned about your commercial duct systems or if you suspect the ducts are leaking or need to be cleaned, ask a commercial HVAC expert from ACR Energy Systems, Inc. We would be more than willing to help with your commercial or business AC duct repair and inspection needs.


Is the thermostat on your commercial air conditioning unit or furnace not working properly? When or how much air or heat is produced is the thermostat’s function.If it is not functioning properly the thermostat may need to be reset or replaced. Common reasons for malfunctions include the thermostat battery being bad or the components not being clean. Give us a call at ACR Energy Systems, Inc. so that we can insure that your commercial buildings are comfortable during all types of temperature conditions.


Air Balancing

Air balancing is a useful process for measuring the performance of a simple or complex hvac system, and for providing the occupants with a comfortably conditioned space.


Air Zoning

Commercial business owners often opt to add forced Air Zoning into their buildings so the temperatures can be adjusted in different parts of the building or offices independently. Do you want your office to stay cooler than your warehouse space? Air Zoning means you can control the heat and air conditioning with multiple thermostats throughout the building. We would be willing to visit your commercial building structure and assess the comfort needs before making our recommendations for Air Zoning.


Whole House Fans and Attic Fans

Are you interested in a whole building structure fan, attic fan, or both? We at ACR Energy Systems, Inc. can help! A whole building structure fan uses outside air to cool the building and calls for less power than a commercial air conditioning system. While the whole building structure fan cools the whole building, the attic fan cools only the attic. As you know, attics can get very hot and stuffy, and affect the temperature of your entire building complex. With an attic fan, you can release hot air and allow your commercial AC unit to work more efficiently to counteract the attic heat that has escaped into your offices or building spaces. Both fan options can reduce your energy consumption and positively affect your electric bill. Let us at ACR Energy Systems, Inc. make all the spaces within your building complexes comfortable.

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