EPA\'s A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Commercial Buildings

This guide, published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will provide valuable information such as the causes of mold, the health hazards it poses, and how to rid your commercial structures of it permanently.
Mold guide

EPA\'s An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

Here the EPA will report on the various sources and effects of indoor air pollutants and how to use your indoor ventilation systems to prevent these pollutants in your commercial buildings and structures.
Indoor Air Quality

EPA\'s Guide to Clean Energy

At this site the EPA outlines how utilizing clean energy in your commercial buildings affects not only your environmental impact, but also your wallet. In addition they provide several state and local programs that save energy and improve air quality as well as a few clean energy programs that promote clean technologies.
Clean Energy

Energy Star 

This link to the Energy Star website will provide all information on Energy Star rated products that will save energy in your office as well as make a positive environmental impact. This page also includes links to cost-effective benefits such as tax credits for energy efficiency and the Energy Star appliance rebate program.

EPAs Consumer Guide to Radon Reduction

Here you will find helpful information about Radon, testing for Radon, what to look for in a Radon-Reduction system, how it enters your commercial buildings and structures, and how to prevent the cancer-causing gas from entering the buildings and structures.
Consumer Guide

U.S. Department of Energy- News Room

Here you will find recent news updates from the U.S. Department of Energy such as the benefits of using Smart Grid electrical meters, and the increased initiative from Washington D.C. to boost the research and development of Carbon Capture and Storage.
USDE: News Room


This is the home page for the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Here you will find current events, publications, and news reports in the environmental field as they relate to the economy, as well as consumer resources such as energy efficiency incentives.

The Tax Incentives Assistance Program (TIAP)

Here the TIAP provides information on the various federal income tax incentives for the use of energy efficient products and technologies. This also includes the latest tax incentives updates as well as any IRS forms necessary to take advantage of the incentives.

EPA\\\'s Guide to Protecting Your Household from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide can be deadly, but it is preventable. Follow the EPA's prevention tips and learn how to detect if Carbon Monoxide is in your commercial business’s buildings or structures.
Carbon Monoxide Protection

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